• LINK Silicon Valley Team

    We are a diverse team of experienced business brokers that can serve a wide range of industries. Our goal is to help you sell your business successfully by marketing to qualified buyers.

  • Broker Profiles

    Raj Sathyaseelan

    Principal & Business Broker

    Raj is a principal at Link Silicon Valley and a licensed california business broker. His passion for business strategy, finance and capital markets inspired him to join Link USA and start a new office in San Francisco Bay Area. He loves to work with entrepreneurs and enjoys business valuation, marketing and negotiation. His goal is to identify and create win-win opportunities for his clients using his expertise both as an entrepreneur and an experienced leader in Corporate world. His intellectual curiosity has helped Raj develop a comprehensive understanding of market landscape and trends in wide range of industries – technology, healthcare, finance and retail.


    Prior to Link, Raj held leadership positions in Fortune-500 companies such as Xerox and McKesson. Raj has also founded a technology startup of his own in the bay area. Currently, Raj also runs a successful basketball league in Tri-Valley. Raj has an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Marketing.


    Interested in finding out how Raj Sathyaseelan can help you develop an exit strategy for your business or looking to buy a new business? Call him today at to schedule an appointment

    Alice Conrad

    Business Broker

    Alice’s last 15 years of business experience has included a successful career as a licensed California Broker. Additionally, she has listed, sold and owned businesses, including a Bed and Breakfast, a Restaurant and a Commercial Poultry Operation. Before she became a Business Broker she worked in Residential sales and insurance. She values integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in the details of business sales transaction.

    Antoinette Gonzales Norris

    Associate Business Broker

    Antoinette Gonzales Norris is a Business Professional with over 15 years of exceptional results in sales, support, training, operations and advertising. She is known as an honest, hard-working professional and as a previous entrepreneur understands first-hand the fast paced, pressurized environment that you work in. She is known for her hard work, dedication and persistence in supporting clients.


    Prior to joining Link, Antoinette worked in Digital Advertising for YP and Groupon. Antoinette has worked with a multitude of businesses, including Restaurants, Solar Companies, Technology, Home Improvement, and Medical Offices and has developed successful Marketing and Advertising programs for these companies. Antoinette has extensive business development experience with Franchisors who are expanding their concept. Previously, Antoinette worked at Apple Computer managing a Customer Service organization in Campbell, California and Austin, Texas.

    After raising money, Antoinette founded a business in Austin, Texas. The business won several awards in Austin and she was recognized as an "Up and Coming Entrepreneur." Antoinette understands first-hand the challenges of managing payroll, employees, advertising, sales and competition on a razor thin budget. After 5 years of successful growth, she sold her business for a profit.


    Antoinette graduated from Santa Clara University. She is a Dale Carnegie graduate and is a graduate of Business Invest in Growth as well as Leadership and Management Courses

    Diane Ho

    Business Broker

    Diane Ho has over 30 years of hands-on business owner experience, and she brings to the table executive management and financial analytical expertise in order to help people achieve their dreams through business ownership or selling their business. She understands the passion of her clients who have built up their businesses over the years and the worries of buyers who all want the best value. Her philosophy is to never give up and keep an open mind, so she always looks for solutions to difficult processes and turns them into win-win situations. She enjoys connecting with each client’s unique case and using her dynamic negotiation skills to find targeted buyers and sellers. When she represents her clients, she will always use her expertise to protect their best interests and lead them towards a successful transaction.