• Managing the Sale of Your Business

    For many business owners, selling their business represents the culmination of years of personal effort and commitment, rewarded by

    the freedom that financial gains can yield. For others, it’s a time when opportunities have been maximized in one

    area and new challenges start. Whatever your intentions, this book is designed to help you along the way. Selling a business has become a complex transaction that is subject to many legal and financial conditions, a number of which have come into force in recent years. The business environment is also more competitive than ever before and sensitive business information or intellectual property must be carefully protected. Many businesses change hands every month in a planned, orderly way with owners realizing excellent value. Others are sold in a less rigorous do-it-yourself fashion. This often leads to poor results which are compounded by frustrating delays, ongoing uncertainty and sometimes, lawsuits.


    Maintaining Confidentiality

    Many issues can affect the sale price of your business and a number of them are commonly overlooked. For instance, confidentiality is critical to maintaining ongoing positive relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Should employees discover your intentions to sell prematurely, they may react in unexpected ways and jeopardize the performance of your business at the very time when it matters most. Similarly, customers and suppliers may become unsettled and start questioning their long-standing relationships with your company.


    Keeping Focus

    It is also important that you are not distracted during the sale process from the day-to-day running of your business. If it suffers a downturn

    during this period, the final sale price could be seriously reduced. These are just some of the reasons why an increasing number of

    business owners are choosing to market and sell their businesses with the assistance of LINK business brokers.

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